It’s summer! Hopefully you are enjoying all that you love about this time of year (even if it means prepping your snowmobile for your more favorite season). We are in the midst of a busy season but are loving it. I mean, how can you not enjoy what you do when its views of the Minneapolis skyline one day and a small town little league field the next? You know us, so you can already hear the exclamation marks coming a mile away!! But think back to when we first met. We pondered this concept when we met a new client recently. They were given our name from a friend but did not know much more about us. We were one of four real estate agents they interviewed. The list price we recommended was higher than the others. They questioned how that could be but ultimately trusted our research.  Through our marketing and what we do to sell a home, we not only got the higher price, we accepted an offer $20k over that price! Suffice it to say they are happy clients!

But when we asked them the number one reason they chose us, it had less to do with the price (that actually made them a little nervous!). It was the fact that it was immediately obvious that we truly cared about them and how significant this move was to their family. They also had not sold a home for many years and needed to work with someone who could walk them through the process. It really meant a lot that they trusted us to take care of them! We certainly don’t take that for granted!

At closing they couldn’t wait to share the second reason they chose us. “We knew you would really help us and we really wanted that reassurance. But even more, we knew you would make it fun. You guys are a hoot!” Well I guess that about sums it up ?