Job. Schools. Family. These have been three of the top reasons to move for years. But what if your motivation had less to do with needs for the move and more about what you love to do?! That’s right. In today’s world of working from home and alternative schooling, where, when and why to buy has taken on a whole new focus.  More and more buyers are considering a lifestyle change in their next move. And since they are not in a hurry to move, they can have fun with the process as they find the perfect fit!  Sounds like a luxury to buy a home this way?  Stop for a moment to think about what you do when you have time off.  Is your favorite date night restaurant clear across town? Do you drive a distance to get to your favorite bike or running trail?  Did you taxi your kids to and from friends’ houses in different areas?  Does even your new puppy favor the new dog park in a neighboring town? Considering this, it becomes easier to see this new trend as less of a luxury and more like a dream destination come true!

– by Kristin Beise, Realtor, RE/MAX Advantage Plus