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Defining Distance


DEFINING DISTANCE Distance.  I had never thought as much about that word as I have in the last two months. I went to Merriam-Webster online to find many meanings for this word ( Did you know the word distance can be a noun, verb and an adjective? There are not many words that accomplish this!* [Read More]

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Proceeding … But with Caution


For 26 years, John and I have helped our clients reach their real estate goals in their own unique way. We have listened as each buyer or seller shared their dreams, goals, concerns and needs. This continues to be true in our new environment, as clients look for our advice in proceeding with their goals..albeit [Read More]

Proceeding … But with Caution2020-04-08T13:44:36-05:00

Sanitizer In Lieu of Cookies: The Changes in Real Estate


Each new week brings out new adjustments to how we all conduct our business and daily lives. Real estate is no exception. So what has changed….and what has not. Note: As of this blog, March 30th, Real Estate is still considered an essential business. Open Houses. These are not being conducted. Rather early on, these [Read More]

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Continued Optimism in Real Estate Market


I am sure you have a lot of questions about what is going on around us at it relates to real estate. Last week we were optimistic and that has not changed! For now, the market is actually staying rather active! In most areas in the Twin Cities, new listings are coming on the market [Read More]

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COVID-19, Real Estate 2020 & You: The Right Realtors Offer Some Insight


COVID-19, Real Estate 2020 & You: The Right Realtors Offer Some Insight COVID-19: So where are you today? Literally, physically, mentally? Secretly happy you have enough canned goods and supplies to survive for months? Wondering why there is a rush on grocery stores? Or somewhere in between? Personally, I oscillate between worrying about the fate [Read More]

COVID-19, Real Estate 2020 & You: The Right Realtors Offer Some Insight2020-03-14T12:03:11-05:00

Is Building New Right for You?


It is no secret that existing home inventory is low. This shortage extends to many types of buyers, including those looking for a home on acreage. It can be hard to find the right mix: A little acreage, perfect setting, a nice home, an added outbuilding and all at a reasonable price. As buyers consider [Read More]

Is Building New Right for You?2020-02-06T13:07:59-06:00

The Dollars and Scents of Baking Cookies


Is there a scent that will guarantee the sale of your home and increase the price you get?  Some scents, while appealing to a seller, may be distracting to a buyer and actually have the opposite effect! Studies suggest you are better off with a faint Windex smell vs baked goods. The reason is that [Read More]

The Dollars and Scents of Baking Cookies2019-12-12T12:17:03-06:00

Spend Pennies to Maintain or Thousands to Fix!


It all starts innocently enough. Your kitchen faucet is starting to leak. You don’t think much of it. It may be simply spray from cleaning up the kitchen. It starts to get worse. By now you have water pooling under the sink. You have determined that the problem is the “O” ring for the spray [Read More]

Spend Pennies to Maintain or Thousands to Fix!2019-09-18T16:07:20-05:00

Join us July 20th!


We are proud to support our community!  We have supported MNWSC since its inception!! We were two of the Spirit of the Lakes Board Members that Reimagined the Festival (Involved over 13 years!).  We Live (50-year resident!), Work (24-year Realtor) and Play right here in the Lake Minnetonka area! Join us Saturday July 20th for [Read More]

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Now is a Good Time to Determine Your Home’s Value!


Considering Refinancing?  Whether you want to refi into a lower interest rate, a shorter term, or simply want to do some updates, call us first! We can help you get an idea of what your home may appraise for or if any updates would help. Call before you pay money for the actual appraisal. Considering [Read More]

Now is a Good Time to Determine Your Home’s Value!2019-07-12T16:28:02-05:00

Do Scents Make Sense? Your Nose Knows!


Okay, okay, enough play on words. Truth is, scents are a really big deal in selling a home! Sellers do all they can to create an inviting home from cleaning every surface to clearing out the clutter. They add a scent to make the buyer feel even more at home.  The trick is to find [Read More]

Do Scents Make Sense? Your Nose Knows!2019-05-29T16:13:08-05:00

Plan Ahead for Outdoor Projects!


As soon as the weather turns warm, we tend to run outside and start projects right away. Before we know it, there is a pile of debris and a hole where the new fire pit is supposed to be. This year, start with a plan. What needs to be done first? Cleaning up the leaves [Read More]

Plan Ahead for Outdoor Projects!2019-05-29T16:05:39-05:00

Building a Shed? Read This First!


So you want to build a shed. Nothing too fancy, just something that can fit the Christmas decorations, store the bicycles in the winter and other miscellaneous things to keep the garage cleared out. Sounds great. How big do you want it to be? Where are you planning to put it? Do you have to [Read More]

Building a Shed? Read This First!2019-04-11T14:18:57-05:00

Buyers Deciding Where to Live are Starting with What They Love!


Job. Schools. Family. These have been three of the top reasons to move for years. But what if your motivation had less to do with needs for the move and more about what you love to do?! That’s right. In today’s world of working from home and alternative schooling, where, when and why to buy [Read More]

Buyers Deciding Where to Live are Starting with What They Love!2019-04-02T11:29:36-05:00

Keeping a Show Ready House in the Real World


If you are a parent, aunt, grandparent or otherwise are blessed to have children in your life, then you will understand. There are days when their creativity has soared and toys and forts and coloring books are filling almost every square foot of the house. You will also be the first to wonder how in [Read More]

Keeping a Show Ready House in the Real World2019-03-04T17:33:38-06:00

Plan Now for Life’s (Un)Expected Changes


You love your home. You have lived there for years. You may have even raised your kids in that home. You cannot imagine a better place to live. Yet, you are starting to realize that there may be a time that this home will just be too much for you to keep up. Likely there [Read More]

Plan Now for Life’s (Un)Expected Changes2019-03-04T17:27:31-06:00

When is It Too Early to Start Looking for Your Next Home?


When your current lease is up in three months? When you realize the youngest child graduates in two years? Or when Retirement is 11 months 2 days and 5 hours from today?  Of course, everyone has their own comfort level.  Yet truly, there is a lot of value in beginning and understanding the process sooner [Read More]

When is It Too Early to Start Looking for Your Next Home?2019-02-25T17:38:30-06:00

Sellers. Snow. Shovel. Sold!


Below Zero temperatures. Snow piling up. Icy road conditions. Not exactly perfect conditions to show a home! So you can bet if buyers are coming to see your home in this weather, they are serious about purchasing! Most sellers who have their homes on the market right now are equally motivated. And in this season, [Read More]

Sellers. Snow. Shovel. Sold!2019-02-09T10:28:40-06:00

Plan Today for Tomorrow’s Dreams


January is an interesting month. The holiday season is over. The hot sales at the malls are almost done. Your house is more or less back in order (no judging if there is a lingering decoration or two!).  There is a quiet calm. It is a time when we are asked “Is now a good [Read More]

Plan Today for Tomorrow’s Dreams2019-01-11T11:21:14-06:00

Sold! Sold Sold! Home Market Still Strong!


In December we often get the question: "Should we list our home now or should we wait?" If you are ready, as a seller, the buyers are certainly still out there! And you can bet that any buyer looking is a serious buyer.  Homes show very well and incredibly inviting this time of year. For [Read More]

Sold! Sold Sold! Home Market Still Strong!2018-12-02T09:00:42-06:00

Just Listed! Sold! Sold…Again!? What is Going On?!


Your neighbors put their home on the market and a SOLD sign went up right away! Yet now two months later, there doesn’t seem to be a new neighbor moving in? A co-worker told you she bought a home but then 3 weeks later she says the home is no longer hers? This may leave [Read More]

Just Listed! Sold! Sold…Again!? What is Going On?!2018-10-25T07:31:07-05:00

Maybe It’s The Pumpkins!


Maybe it's the pumpkins, or the apples at the apple orchards, or simply a brisk Fall sunny day. Something calls us to get outside this time of year. Some with purpose: on our way to a birthday party or running errands. But still others enjoy the drive to take in the amazing sights of the [Read More]

Maybe It’s The Pumpkins!2018-10-13T10:18:39-05:00

Join Us Saturday July 21st!


Join us Saturday July 21st! Surfside Park & Beach, Mound Kristin and John will have a booth at the 2018 MN Wakesurf Championship, an event held at the Spirit of the Lakes Festival!  See and for information and a full schedule of events! We hope to see you there!  

Join Us Saturday July 21st!2018-07-20T12:26:33-05:00