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Plan Today for Tomorrow’s Dreams


January is an interesting month. The holiday season is over. The hot sales at the malls are almost done. Your house is more or less back in order (no judging if there is a lingering decoration or two!).  There is a quiet calm. It is a time when we are asked “Is now a good [...]

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Sold! Sold Sold! Home Market Still Strong!


In December we often get the question: "Should we list our home now or should we wait?" If you are ready, as a seller, the buyers are certainly still out there! And you can bet that any buyer looking is a serious buyer.  Homes show very well and incredibly inviting this time of year. For [...]

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Just Listed! Sold! Sold…Again!? What is Going On?!


Your neighbors put their home on the market and a SOLD sign went up right away! Yet now two months later, there doesn’t seem to be a new neighbor moving in? A co-worker told you she bought a home but then 3 weeks later she says the home is no longer hers? This may leave [...]

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Maybe It’s The Pumpkins!


Maybe it's the pumpkins, or the apples at the apple orchards, or simply a brisk Fall sunny day. Something calls us to get outside this time of year. Some with purpose: on our way to a birthday party or running errands. But still others enjoy the drive to take in the amazing sights of the [...]

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Join Us Saturday July 21st!


Join us Saturday July 21st! Surfside Park & Beach, Mound Kristin and John will have a booth at the 2018 MN Wakesurf Championship, an event held at the Spirit of the Lakes Festival!  See and for information and a full schedule of events! We hope to see you there!  

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Be Aware of Assessments


Be Aware of Any Assessments! New streets, sidewalks, condo facades and pool decks. We all may agree the end result is beautiful! We may not agree on who, when, and how these assessments should be paid. Buyers should take note of a few points when making a purchase! First, when buying a single family home, [...]

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Mom! There is a Realtor at the Door!


What Should I do if Another Realtor Calls and says “I have a buyer for your home?”   Call us right away. We will personally contact the agent to determine if he/she does, in fact, have a buyer or is just ‘fishing for a listing.’ This happens more often than you think! If he/she does have [...]

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A Quick Q & A on Today’s Market!


It is May 2018 and the market is in full swing! Listings are coming on and off the market quickly, many sellers are getting 99.1% of asking price, and inventory remains low, thus driving multiple offers in most price ranges! In the midst of it, many of you have had questions about the ‘nuances’ in [...]

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Buy a Home the Kid in You Would Like


We were showing homes to a couple with three kids. At just the second home on the list of four, their little five-year-old had already had enough.  She sat down in the foyer, put her shoes on and was ready to go.  When her parents asked why she was in such a rush to leave [...]

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Make Sure the Move Works for The Whole Family!


You have been thinking about moving for a long time and finally decided this is the year. Through the decision process, you have also determined that townhome living will be ideal. How nice to not have to worry about upkeep and overall exterior maintenance!  But as you narrow down cities and bedrooms, don’t forget to [...]

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To Fence or Not to Fence: Why It May Not Be Up to You!


Buying a home should be pretty straightforward.  Pick an area. Find a home. Buy it. Move in.  Seems simple, right?!  If asked, we would hope our clients would tell you we made it seem that way!  While a buyer may fall in love with a kitchen or an owners suite, there are other factors that [...]

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Is Building Right for You?


It is no secret that existing home inventory is low. This shortage extends to many types of buyers, including those looking for a home on acreage. It can be hard to find the right mix: A little acreage, perfect setting, a nice home, an added outbuilding and all at a reasonable price. As buyers consider [...]

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Does a New Job Hurt Your Ability to Buy a Home?


How exciting! You have been offered a great new job! As you shared the good news, someone told you this could adversely affect your ability to purchase a home, something else you have been working hard to do! Now what?!  Don’t turn down the opportunity just yet!  Let’s take a closer look.  First, consider if [...]

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Understanding the Millennial Home Buyer


As a Seller what I need to know about, The millennial home buyer has a smart phone in hand and starts their search online. Your home’s online persona has to compel them to want to move from online to in person. Staging is expected from the millennial home buyer. The reality television show world of [...]

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We Have Moved!


Together with our RE/MAX Advantage Plus office, we have moved one mile to the redesigned Freshwater Business Center. You will love this new location! For RE/MAX Advantage Plus, it allows a central location to better serve the real estate needs of the surrounding communities. For The Right Realtors, it is an inviting space to meet [...]

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Even Santa Needs a Place to Hang His Hat!


2017 was quite the year in real estate!  Our own experience mirrors what the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors shared: a strong market overall yet a continued lack of inventory. In fact, at 1.8 months of inventory, we are at the lowest level in 15 years! The challenge?  Sellers are ready to list, but are [...]

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Winter is a good time to sell!


Winter is a Good Time to Sell! Baby, it’s cold outside! But that doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate until Spring! At least not for buyers and sellers! Why is that? Historically December and January see fewer homes on the market. This creates a unique opportunity for those that stay on the market. For instance, [...]

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Should you Spend Your Last Penny?


Buying a home is a big investment, no question. Whether you are buying your first home, your forever home, your investment home or your retirement home, you have worked hard for the money it will take to make this happen. So how do you know when to tap into other financial resources? How do you [...]

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It’s Summer Time…Didn’t You Get the Memo!?


  Do you ever have that moment when you feel a little behind the season?  You know, when you are eating Halloween candy at Easter or finally getting the Christmas crafts gifts done in May? Apparently, I am that way about Summer.  Worse yet, I did not know this until just recently!  I was showing [...]

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It Was So Great to See You!


We had so much fun this past weekend!  The festivities started at the annual Guns and Hoses charity softball game between the police and fire departments. We had the opportunity to be a sponsor (proceeds to WECAN). But even more, we had the chance to enjoy a great evening and see so many of you! [...]

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A Little Q&A for Summer Market


You say the market is moving fast, give us an example: Well, we saw 7 homes with a buyer yesterday and by the end of the day, 4 had one or more offers on them! So great for sellers but hard on buyers. So is there advice you would offer buyers?  In this environment, it [...]

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6845 Cardinal Cove Drive


Click Here, for a virtual tour!! Finally a home that has it all! This stunning custom home was beautifully designed to balance your formal entertaining needs with casual everyday living. You will love the dramatic yet inviting spaces throughout. Cleverly placed pillars on the main level offer a formality and separation of spaces while keeping [...]

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