As soon as the weather turns warm, we tend to run outside and start projects right away. Before we know it, there is a pile of debris and a hole where the new fire pit is supposed to be. This year, start with a plan. What needs to be done first? Cleaning up the leaves and clearing weeds from the garden? That’s an easy one.  But if your plan is to paint the exterior, consider when and where to plant the flowers this year. It would be a shame to start with the flower beds along the front steps only to have a ladder and paint chips take away their shine. Is a new fire pit on the wish list? Make sure it is allowed in your city (just because the neighbor has one doesn’t necessarily mean you can too).  Most cities also have size requirements for a firepit. Check before you start digging!  Is a deck the dream project for the Summer?  Before taking down the old deck, make sure you have the correct permits to build a new one (also required by most cities).  Get the permit first, know what is required, then get the materials needed to do it right.  Even more, have a plan for getting rid of the old materials. Do you need to order a dumpster?  How long will your city allow the dumpster to decorate your driveway?  On that note, if you need a dumpster, know the road restrictions in your area to be sure it can be delivered to your home!  Planning ahead will keep your project moving along more smoothly so you can spend less time working and more time enjoying the finished project!

By Kristin Beise, Realtor, RE/MAX Advantage Plus