Considering Refinancing?  Whether you want to refi into a lower interest rate, a shorter term, or simply want to do some updates, call us first! We can help you get an idea of what your home may appraise for or if any updates would help. Call before you pay money for the actual appraisal.

Considering Selling?  Selling may be weeks, months or even years away! Allow us to be part of your planning. We will share ideas on what to do now (or not do!), help decide timing (sell first, buy first, rent, build?), identify the equity you have to pay towards your next purchase!

Outdated Market Analysis?  Did you already have us provide a market analysis? If it was done more than 3 months ago, it’s time for us to update your numbers! Yes, the market is consistently changing! We want to be sure you have the most current information as you plan ahead!