For 26 years, John and I have helped our clients reach their real estate goals in their own unique way. We have listened as each buyer or seller shared their dreams, goals, concerns and needs. This continues to be true in our new environment, as clients look for our advice in proceeding with their goals..albeit with caution!

Prior to each recent buyer meeting we first addressed our clients’ comfort level of meeting. In our new environment, one buyer chose to ‘meet’ via phone. Another wanted to meet physically at a home they liked. A third was in person in a large conference room. In each, we accommodated what each buyer needed from us, obviously keeping safety and social distancing front of mind!

Sellers, too, have varying needs. Some have decided to hold off selling at this time. Yet on Wednesday we are listing a home. To prepare, our seller first had the home professionally cleaned. John and I walked through the home, without the seller, to measure, reposition certain furniture and prep the home for photos. John and I will walk through the home in advance to ensure all the lights are on, towels straight and home presented well. The photographer will be at the home, without us or the seller, and will be mindful not to touch any items, light fixtures or door handles in the home.

In addition to a traditional photographer, we are bringing in a 3D photographer. This interactive tour is designed to make it easy for potential buyers to see as much about the home as possible before, or instead of, showing the home in person.

John and I continue to utilize the technology available to us to help our clients. We use virtual showings, in person showings (with appropriate safety and social distancing!), client conversations via phone or Zoom, e-signatures, and presenting offers remotely, just to name a few.

This new environment is definitely an adjustment. But what has remained constant is our ability to listen to our clients’ questions and concerns and to help them reach their real estate goals. We will continue to adapt as needed within our changing world to always be the resource our clients depend on.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, and especially stay in touch!

Most Sincerely, Kristin and John

Note: As of April 6th Real State is still considered an essential business in MN.