Below Zero temperatures. Snow piling up. Icy road conditions. Not exactly perfect conditions to show a home! So you can bet if buyers are coming to see your home in this weather, they are serious about purchasing! Most sellers who have their homes on the market right now are equally motivated. And in this season, one of the biggest things a seller can do to bring in an offer is a simple one: shovel the walks and driveway! Yes, making cookies and having the home priced well won’t hurt either. But when the access to your front door looks like an ice rink, even the most motivated buyers will think twice. And yes, they may even move on to the next home! Let me give you an example of this that literally happened to the BENEFIT of my sellers. The snow had been falling all week it seemed. But regardless, our seller made sure the home was ready for any showing. And it happened. An agent set up a showing of our sellers’ home, one of 5 that agent planned to see. But of all the great homes she was showing her buyer, few were accessible. Her car was not four-wheel drive and she could not even get into the driveway of some homes. Her clients had on boots but the snow was too deep to make them effective. The agent came to our sellers’ home and the first impression was all they needed to strongly consider this home: The driveway was plowed, the steps were clear and treated, the lights were on to welcome them inside, and a large welcome mat was at the front door for their snow-covered boots. And yes, the wrote an offer on our sellers’ home and bought the house! In all the advice on how to stand out in a competitive market, don’t overlook the basics! Shoveling could lead to SOLD!