It all starts innocently enough. Your kitchen faucet is starting to leak. You don’t think much of it. It may be simply spray from cleaning up the kitchen. It starts to get worse. By now you have water pooling under the sink. You have determined that the problem is the “O” ring for the spray pullout. Phew! That will be an easy thing to handle for you DIYers. Regardless, no time to deal with it now! You grab a bucket and say out loud you will be back to fix this later tonight. Work gets busy, kids’ schedules ramp up, and slowly that bucket is over-flowing, water is pooling and starting to wander to new crevices where it doesn’t belong. If not dealt with, this has the potential to soak into and warp flooring, cabinets, and soon enough damage the ceiling in the room below. Panicking yet!? Sadly, we see many homes that have costly damage that could have been averted if properly fixed right away. And the initial solution would have been a fraction of the replacement cost!  For example: A compromised wax seal around a toilet is a common culprit for water damage yet it only costs $8. Lack of caulk around your bathtub is another culprit for costly damage, yet a tube of caulk is just $3-4!  Repairing the damage done can be thousands of dollars! Investing time and minimal dollars now can prevent these major costs in the future.  In the case of the kitchen faucet spray pullout, the fix was a simple rubber O ring 3/8 inch in diameter.   The cost? Just 5–10 Cents! The peace of mind as a result?  PRICELESS!