We were showing homes to a couple with three kids. At just the second home on the list of four, their little five-year-old had already had enough.  She sat down in the foyer, put her shoes on and was ready to go.  When her parents asked why she was in such a rush to leave she stated simply “Because there is no where for me to play!”  I thought about that. She had heard her parents lay out the homes we had seen for “a place for book club to gather,” or “a perfect dining room for Thanksgiving.” But she was right, there was no where really for her to PLAY.

While her parents continued through the home, I sat down with her in the foyer and we laid out her ideal home. And yes, at five, she already knew what she wanted!

First, her own room. She explained how her and her dolls can’t get any sleep with her older sister always there too.  Sometimes she just wants to be by herself and wanted her own space.

Second, she wanted a house with a slide instead of stairs. Her logic was that slides were so much faster and she could put her toys and things down the slide instead of carry them down with her. So practical!

Third, easy access to treats. Apparently in her current home, the treats are stored way too high for her to reach. A person has to have priorities, after all!

Finally, to live next door to her best friend, Anna. Apparently, they are best buds and it would be so much better if they lived closer!

I thought about my own childhood and decided I liked this new list.  In fact, I lived just three doors down from my best friend and it really was the greatest thing ever!  I would have to add some outdoor amenities, too.  For example, when I was a kid I also loved to play in the rain (no judging LOL!). We would spend hours letting make-shift ‘boats’ float down the new rivers the rain would create.

Can we convert our entire home to be a playground?  Probably not. But perhaps we could focus less on our adult “must haves” and more on our childhood “play list” for a perfect combination even our younger selves would approve of!

By Kristin Beise