You love your home. You have lived there for years. You may have even raised your kids in that home. You cannot imagine a better place to live. Yet, you are starting to realize that there may be a time that this home will just be too much for you to keep up. Likely there are a lot of questions or concerns you have about moving. What if you could start getting ready now so when the time comes it is not as overwhelming? Here are just a few tips to get you started:

Get Your Home Ready. This doesn’t mean put a For Sale sign in the yard today! Rather, start to get organized one room at a time. Start clearing out rooms you rarely use any more. Do you have closets filled with materials for a hobby you don’t enjoy anymore? If this was the family home, is it possible you have boxes in the attic that belong to the kids? Call them and have them come pick these up! Start a box (or two or three!) of items that can be donated. Put aside things to sell at a summer garage sale. Create a plan and a timeframe. Live by these words for a while: Keep. Toss. Donate.

Create a Project List. Walk through your home with a critical eye. Start with something as simple as the front door lock. Does it function without too much effort? How does that carpet or flooring look? Is there a room or two that could use a fresh coat of paint? You may decide to bring in a Realtor at this point. He or she can offer ideas on what you do and do not need to do to make your home appealing to buyers.

Consider Your Next Home. Take the time now to consider what your options are. Think about the reasons you are even considering the move. Is it to be in a smaller place with less maintenance? To be closer to friends or where you enjoy volunteering? Is it health related? What about a combination of all of this? Imagine if you learned you could find yourself living happily in your next place?

Moving sometimes take a lot of energy, both physically and emotionally. Do what you can to be prepared now, at your own pace, so that when the time comes you are ready, and actually happy, to make the move!

– Kristin Beise, Realtor, RE/MAX Advantage Plus