Plan Now for Life’s (Un)Expected Changes


You love your home. You have lived there for years. You may have even raised your kids in that home. You cannot imagine a better place to live. Yet, you are starting to realize that there may be a time that this home will just be too much for you to keep up. Likely there [Read More]

Plan Now for Life’s (Un)Expected Changes2019-03-04T17:27:31-05:00

Even Santa Needs a Place to Hang His Hat!


2017 was quite the year in real estate!  Our own experience mirrors what the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors shared: a strong market overall yet a continued lack of inventory. In fact, at 1.8 months of inventory, we are at the lowest level in 15 years! The challenge?  Sellers are ready to list, but are [Read More]

Even Santa Needs a Place to Hang His Hat!2017-12-20T16:14:36-05:00

Opportunities Take on a New Look in 2014


Last week, I was asked “what has made this year different than other years?” At first response, I thought about the interest rates and inventory. But truly, this year, more than others, 2014 opened up something special: Opportunity for a Change. I have a theory...

Opportunities Take on a New Look in 20142017-01-31T11:39:19-05:00

Houses Houses Everywhere but Not a House to Buy!?


Is that home for sale or not?! Do you know the phrase "water water every where but not a drop to drink?" an old mariners tale? Buyers are certainly experiencing this but in the world of homes. Why is that home showing available on websites if it is not for sale!?

Houses Houses Everywhere but Not a House to Buy!?2015-02-27T14:14:36-05:00

Keep Your Yard Safe for Gatherings!


Time for a little fun in the sun in your back yard! Graduation party perhaps? Engagement celebration? Take a good look at what is in your yard and keep guests safe....

Keep Your Yard Safe for Gatherings!2015-02-27T14:14:36-05:00

Memorial Day Celebrated


Memorial Day is a significant day. Growing up, this day was all about family. We spent this day going to gravesites of those who had passed, though we included even those who had not been veterans. And we would follow with a fun family barbecue in our back yard. What was your tradition to commemorate this day? Perhaps this is a good year to start one? Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

Memorial Day Celebrated2015-02-27T14:14:36-05:00

Sellers Ready to Buy But Inventory Low…


Sellers ready...if they could just find the right home! My sellers are ready to sell. But not until they find the right home to buy. My buyers are ready to buy. But not until more homes come on the market. Do you see the fun dance we are having in the market right now?

Sellers Ready to Buy But Inventory Low…2015-02-27T14:14:36-05:00

Traditional Sales Dominate Market!


Traditional Sales are far outweighing the Foreclosure and short sales in the market! New traditional listings rose 22.1 percent compared to March 2013, while foreclosure and short sale new listings fell 39.9 and 53.8 percent, respectively. This is an incredible indication of a strong market!

Traditional Sales Dominate Market!2017-01-31T11:39:20-05:00

Buying a home Conventional? FHA? Rural Development?


Did you know that YOU may qualify for a loan, but the home you like may not? Did you know that some loans are based on a specific house address? As the lending rules change, it is more important than ever to work with Realtors and lenders who can help you navigate through the nuances of buying in today's market!

Buying a home Conventional? FHA? Rural Development?2017-01-31T11:39:20-05:00

Sump Pumps…Do Preventative Maintenance Now!


"I don't need to worry about my sump pump until it rains....Right?!" No! Now is the time to make sure your sump pump and discharge hose are working properly! This time of year too many of these hoses are coiled up in the yard, under piles of snow and filled with ice chunks.

Sump Pumps…Do Preventative Maintenance Now!2015-02-27T14:14:36-05:00

Spring Forward!


Spring Forward brings light to the market. Literally! Having longer daylight after typical work hours allows buyers to see homes during the week more often!

Spring Forward!2015-02-27T14:14:36-05:00

One Word Explains Market: Active!!


The official stats for the Twin Cities region show that new listings decreased 12%, pending sales decreased 13% and inventory decreased 8.6%. So how could we possibly be optimistic about a strong Spring market? One word: Activity.

One Word Explains Market: Active!!2015-02-27T14:14:36-05:00

Don’t Forget! Vote for Readers Choice Awards!


Thank you for your VOTE! Vote for Kristin and John Beise as Best Real Estate Agents Readers Choice for 2014! Just go to the link VOTE HERE Scroll to the Real Estate agent area and submit! (check for other great businesses you love too!)

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Homes Show Well in Snow and Holiday Season!


This winter and holiday season is a great time to come on the market. Why? Homes show very well during this season. What is more inviting than a warm home with lights on at the end of the driveway, welcoming in potential buyers?

Homes Show Well in Snow and Holiday Season!2015-02-27T14:14:37-05:00

The Value in Open Houses


Why Are Open Houses Important? Open Houses give us an opportunity to showcase our clients' homes and provide good access to potential buyers....we are so confident that we often host 4-6 open houses in one weekend!

The Value in Open Houses2017-01-31T11:39:21-05:00

Keeping Your Real Estate Goals on Track


Do you remember where you were when you first came up with your real estate dream? What was your dream? Has it transformed now into something else? Are you still waiting to make it happen? What are you waiting for? Let’s get your real estate goals back on track today!

Keeping Your Real Estate Goals on Track2015-02-27T14:14:37-05:00

RE/MAX to Begin Trading on NYSE


I'm excited to announce that RE/MAX will soon enter into its next chapter of growth as a publicly traded company. We officially began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “RMAX” October 1st.

RE/MAX to Begin Trading on NYSE2015-02-27T14:14:37-05:00

The Gold Star


Would You Get a Gold Star Today? The Gold Star. What did you have to do to earn one of these in school? If the same performance was expected of you today, would you have anything next to your name? As the school year begins, let’s evaluate our ‘gold star worthiness" again.

The Gold Star2017-01-31T11:39:21-05:00

Festivals Bring Community Together


Sprit of the Lakes Festival July 18-20. Buying a house is a very special event. But the community we choose to live in is also a large part of what makes us at home. Summer months bring out the fun community festivals and this weekend is a big one for the Lake Minnetonka area.

Festivals Bring Community Together2015-02-27T14:14:37-05:00

Rates on the Rise


What Does This Mean for the Market? No question, higher interest rates are going to affect the market. But to what degree?

Rates on the Rise2015-02-27T14:14:37-05:00

If the Market were Icecream….


If the market was an icecream cone, how would it be described? One scoop or three scoops, this market still offers a little for everyone – and maybe even with a cherry on top!

If the Market were Icecream….2015-02-27T14:14:37-05:00